May 11, 2021 • 1HR 19M

On the Level presented by Player1NE Gaming Episode 10

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What is On the level? Imagine if when you turned on the TV, there was a whole channel devoted to news about competitive gaming. Or what if you could just pop in the car and listen to an hour-long talk show about esports? Now, both of these things exist th
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Halo infinite is back trending with the question will there be a battle royale? These Halo nerds hope so seeing as how dropping in from a Pelican would be flipping awesome

Call of Duty cuts ties with Jeff Leach the voice actor for Ghost after some sexist comments resurfaced from 2016 directed at female players during a live stream. Very very naughty Jeff

Pokimane seemingly has a issue with big streamers putting up sub goals! Stating that you’re already making a good amount of money where you are and now you’re exploiting a marketing tactic to make even more money

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